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We are building our new online place to be. Some place bigger, better and tastier! And of course some place where you can order your beers online easily!

In the meantime, we are very much open offline. You can drink all our beers in our own Taphouse in Utrecht, or order them in our shop!

Brothers In Law Taphouse
Ledig Erf 36
3582 EA Utrecht

P.C. Staalweg 18
3721 TJ Bilthoven

Brothers In Law Brewing - Family Brewed Beer! Brewed by us, brothers in law Tim, Tim and Felix. With the three of us having extensive experience in the world of beer we thought it was the time to brew our own beer instead of brewing it for others. With respect for the style of the beer, we try to brew something new and exciting. We like to experiment with new and old styles and ingredients, but doing so we stick to the style of the beer. Because beer must be beer; ‘Tradition meets revolution’!

Challenging beers without unnecessary additives, but so full of flavour!

Cheers to that!

Australian Pale Ale

Our APA is very easygoing, as you’d expect from something Australian. A nice malty flavour at first, that changes to the tropical fruitness derived from the Australian hops and a refined bitterness.



As fresh as a Weizen, but more fruity! Because we dryhopped the beer this Hopfenweisse gets an intense floral taste with hints of tangerine. Very refreshing!



An extra fruity, somewhat sweet Golden Blond with an extra touch of carbon dioxide for that extra bit of freshness! A blond beer which you can drink easily all evening, all year round.


Witbier (Bio)

The Belgian white beer tradition with fresh Asian herbs makes this organic beer a true fusion between East and West. Best of both worlds!


Hoppy Blond (Bio)

This organic blond is fresh, fruity, hoppy and slightly drier than its Belgian sister. The Cascade and Citra hops make it just that little bit more hoppier!


New England IPA

KARAMBAAA! Fruit Explosion! This New England IPA is really smooth, nice hazy, not bitter at all and super fruity because of the kilos of American, New Zealand and German hops!


East Coast Porter

Dark, full, caramel and chocolate. This once almost disappeared Porter finally gets the attention it deserves. Roasted malts, corn and American hops, perfectly balanced by fermenting them at lower temperature.



East meets West! Sometimes tradition needs a boost of innovation. The Australian hops, mango and fresh citrus-like Indonesian berries make this Belgian Tripel pretty tropical and very tasty!


West Coast IPA (Bio)

This organic West Coast IPA is full of hops!! This not only makes it bitter, but also super fruity with flavors of grapefruit, passion fruit and mango!


Pacific IPA (Non-alcoholic)

This Non-Alcoholic Pacific IPA owes its name and taste to the best hops from the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean! A perfect combination between Tropical fruit and Citrus! Hardly any alcohol, yet a lot of flavor!


Czech Pilsner

Our crystal clear, fresh and crisp Pilsner! Originally brewed in Pilzen (Czech Republic) and crafted by us!